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Vacuum roller cellulite reduction machine body optimizer

 body optimizer
 body optimizer
High Quality Cellulite Reduction
Body Shape System
Vacuum Slimming
Guangzhou MAX Beauty Equipment Company
Product Name : Vacuum roller cellulite reduction machine body optimizer
Model Number : IB-1005

Vacuum roller cellulite reduction machine  body optimizer  IB-1005

vacuum roller (1).jpg

Working Principle:

Using the vacuum suction principle and the unique roller to lift up the skin along with subcutaneous tissue, and then vacuum suction rollers roll forward and backward to do deeply and wave-like massage on the body and to do aerobic exercise as absorb, pinch and rolling for skin and adipose tissue to boost up the lymph detoxification function and blood circulation 4 times faster than usually, in the meantime, the deep massage can transform the fat into fatty acids, and drain out of body by lymph circulation, to consume fat effectively to get slimming body. Accelerate the metabolism of skin to enhance reproduce ability of the collagen protein and elastic fiber tissue, makes skin becomes better.


1. promote tissue metabolism.

2. repel the cellulite

3. tighten the skin

4. strengther the skin elasticity

5. fat dissolving

6. body shaping

Operation handle:

vacuum roller (2).jpg

vacuum roller (9).jpg

vacuum roller (3).jpg

Panel introduction:

 vacuum roller (1).png

vacuum roller (2).png


massage suit

vacuum roller (4).png

vacuum roller (3).png

Technical specifications:

Input voltageAC110V/60Hz or AC220V/50Hz

Power 500W

Package size119*73*55CM

Gross weight89KGS

vacuum roller (6).jpg

factory (5).jpg

factory (1).jpg

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