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MX-F15 5MHZ Six polar RF +tripolar RF+ Bipolar RF slimming machine

5MHZ Multipolar rf weight loss machine
5MHZ Multipolar rf weight loss machine
5MHz Bipolar RF beauty machine
 5MHZ Six polar RF +tripolar RF+ Bipolar RF slimming machine
 5mhz multipolar RF weight loss device
 5mhz multipolar RF beauty machine
Product Name : MX-F15 5MHZ Six polar RF +tripolar RF+ Bipolar RF slimming machine
Model Number : MX-F15
RF face frequency : 5MHZ
RF body frequency : 5MHZ
RF intensity : 1-15 adjustable
Redlight wavelength : 620nm-770nm
Bluelight,Green light wavelength : 430nm-480nm,485nm-530nm

MX-F15  5MHZ Six polar RF +tripolar RF+ Bipolar RF slimming machine





5 MHZ of integrated RF technology and cold sub cosmetic technology, soothing facial wrinkles,


tighten skin, eliminate acne have a good effect, and can dissolve body fat, body sculpture.

Technical Description

1. the latest RF technology, reaching 5 megahertz frequency, eliminate the shortcomings of past


radio, in the most efficient radio frequency energy and, through two, three or 6 electrode points,


2 effectively and expeditiously to transfer energy to the DermIS and subcutaneous tissue, focuses on


objectives and the core treatment without causing harm to any other parts of the body, the safe and efficient.


2. in the course of treatment, electrode polarity and frequency can freely change, form a


chrysanthemum pattern which results in more intensive radio frequency energy distribution, deep and


significant treatment effects, and more praise and more wide range of treatment.



3. in connection with the biological cold photon enhanced therapeutic effect, red light can activate  skin, Blu-ray purify skin, green light stimulating the microcirculation of the skin.


Instrument characteristics


1. high performance RF technology 5 trillion, with the optical accents;


2.3 operations of different sizes probe, nursing in different parts of the body, matching a number


of different courses;


3. pain-free, safe and efficient;


4. touch-screen control, more simple and straightforward to operate;

Core technology


Instrument Structure

 screen and panel (1).jpg

Instrument Parts



Output Diagram

screen and panel (2).jpg

Power switch: Turn the power switch, indicator lights, indicating the instrument into the standby state.


Insurance Block: a fuse to protect the device.



Power socket: Connect the power cord.




Main machine


Operation Handles

1 (2).jpg



Operation interface

interface (5).jpg


Function optionEyes/Face/Body

interface (1).jpg

interface (2).jpg

interface (3).jpg

Effect :

 EFFECT cavitation .jpg


slimming machine MX-F15.jpg


package .jpg



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